Outdoor Christmas Lights

Outdoor Christmas lights are part of the magic of the season, and a display of lights in your yard or on your rooftop will bring your home alive with the magic of Christmas. The wonderful thing about planning your own outdoor Christmas light setup is that you can really let your imagination run wild. Do you want to add strings of lights to the trees and shrubs in your yard? Or an illuminated sign in the windows or rooftops? Or even a collection of figures showing a Christmas themed scene? Once you have made these easy decisions, the real planning sets in. Will you choose uniquely themed colors for your Christmas lights or go with the popular green, red and gold? What story are you trying to tell? And what about ensuring safety for visitors to your display?

It’s never too early to plan your Christmas light display and particularly for those with large displays in their home, the planning never really stops! Working together on an outdoor Christmas light display can bring a suburb together as well as creating some good-natured competition. As well as the sense of working together, some also find a benefit with increased tourist traffic to their areas.

ny_christmas_lights_at_time_warner_center_01_480For some, customising their own lights or creating complex devices as part of the display is all part of the fun. For others, collecting a range of commercial lights over the years, and looking out for unique items to add to the collection is the preferred approach. However it’s important to remember that your outdoor Christmas light display doesn’t have to be expensive. Many homeowners get into the spirit with a simple string of colored bulbs, a Christmas wreath, or some simple scenery in their yard like Santa figurines, snowmen, or Christmas trees.

Whatever you decide to set up this Christmas, you should be able to find some tips at this site. We will look at the types of light available, safety considerations, how to plan your Christmas outdoor lighting display and more, as well as taking a look at some wonderful displays from years past. So enjoy your visit, and I hope you come away with some ideas.

Lobethal Christmas Lights

Lobethal Christmas LightsLobethal is located in South Australia, about 45 minutes from Adelaide. Every year, Lobethal puts on an amazing display of outdoor Christmas lights with almost every house in the town getting involved. The display is on for the last few weeks in December, and it draws over 250,000 visitors during the time it is on. As well as the lights, in recent years local businesses and council have started to offer stalls and other attractions, open till late. More…